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Top 3 Manscaping

July 3, 2017

Lets face it, women aren't the only ones getting waxed! Manscaping is becoming a common and normal practice with men nation wide. If you assume swimmers, metrosexuals or the guy training for his 5th triathlon choose to remove unwanted body hair think again! Strip Ministry of Waxing NYC director Ramon Padila once told Daily News that “more and more men are making waxing part of their grooming routine.”  Below we talk about our top 3 manscaping services.


Sorry Seth Rogen, but that is not sexy.


Most Popular Man-Scaping areas:

(We do not offer mankini's. Grab your trimmers for that..)


1. ) Nose and ears - Our male clients appreciate the cleanliness of the nose and ear waxing service. Typical appointment are less than 10 minutes with repeat visits every 3 weeks. 


2.) Chest and Back - Let me guess, your first thought was the '40 year old virgin' and in all honesty, its really not that bad. Keep your self distracted or take an ibuprofen a couple hours before your visit


3.) Armpits - Yup! after your first armpit wax you will thank us! No more irratation from your undershirts or deodorants not lasting the full day! Hair traps the smell of body funk!









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