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November 7, 2017

October 12, 2017

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Labor Day Starter Pack: Anytime, Anywhere.

September 3, 2017

Your guide to staying smooth, and remaining as fabulous as you have all Summer. 



Your goal is to look like you OWN that beach. 

Beach Waves in a bottle

Take this small DIY beach texture spray to really give your hair a beach waves. The trick is to spray this baby on when your hair is just a little damp and spray enough so that you have some texture. The night before,  twist your into two buns on each side of head and let dry!


Prep your skin!

Don't think about going anywhere without that SPF girl. You

want to protect and avoid a burn, trust me you'll still get sun kissed. 

Pinterest held us down with some tips that we totally support. Oh,

and please don't forget your lips! They need lovin' too. 


And when it's time to go home...

Slap on some baby powder to get all the sand out of those unwanted crevices. 







Nothing speaks to us more than a grill, except for ketchup......on your white pants. Let's face it, after this weekend, the white pants are out because Fall is coming in. So, let's make sure you don't get that ketchup stain on your lovely whites. 


Here's some awesome looks that we love to end your Summer right. 

 Feel free to mix casual looks with not so casual, who cares?


We love these looks because it translates into anyone's style. Whether your Casual Catherine, Picnic Penny, White Pants Whitney or all three! You rockstar.


Next up: Your FACE. Now if you're going all natural then make sure you at least put on your SPF Moisturizer to protect that gorgeous skin, but if you feel like you need some makeup inspo to let all your people know that you came, you saw and you conquered this Summer, then here are the three looks that we think say enough.



Soft pinks are always beautiful when you want to be subtle, but we are OBSESSED with these pops of coral (See what I did there). When not slaying your contour, a nice touch is to just make your lips the center of attention. This Summer, coral reds we're the talk of the town. 

 Hosting a party? Try these looks, and then read our post about being the best host ever. You won't regret it. 




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