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November 7, 2017

October 12, 2017

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Snatch those brows girl.

November 7, 2017


Its officially here folks. November. The month where we go straight from Fall to Winter. The month that gives us an extra hour of sleep, and totally hooks us up with a holiday that just includes eating. What could be better? We know! We know! Your brows girl. 


In previous posts we've spoken about brows but we've never really touched base on exactly how to get those babies perfect after we do them! 


So lets guide you on filling them in, especially if its your first time. We've also attached pictures of our product suggestions that can all be purchases at PureWax.


This chart is a great representation of how we shape your brows.

Step one: Please start with fresh clean brows. 

Step two: Place your brush along the side of your nose (Line A) to figure out where your brows start. 


Step three: Angle the brush (or your double sided brow pencil) from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find where your brows should end ideally. The end of the brows point should be at a 45 degree angle.

Step four: Brush brows up with your spoolie brush. This will help you find your shape of your brow and where they are uneven.


Step Five: Using short dash like strokes (like your natural hair) fill in those empty spaces with your pencil or brow wax.


Step Six: Use an angled brush to give your brow more definition! You want your brows to look perfect without them looking overdone. Brush your brows again with a spoolie to blend out the color an


d soften any harsh lines.


Step 7: Grab your highlight duo stick to give your brows a better arch and really make your eyes pop.


Step 8:To set this look you can comb through them with a colored gel.


If you’re feeling really fancy, try dipping a fluffy brush in translucent powder and pat it around the brow (don’t try and make them look white though, that defeats the purpose).


That’s it! If you want, come on in and we can walk your through it too!



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